Fat People Die Young, but you Can Lose It! 75 Trillion $ Problem for the Economy

Those were the words my father told me when I was a young child.  I always remembered them.  This woman, is a walking “time bomb” of health disorders, because she is too heavy.  If you know someone who looks like this, do them a favor, have them see:   http://www.lose20lbsin.comAll my life when I see a fat person, I wonder if they realize that they will likely die younger than most people. Then as I went on, I watched, and he was right. First, there was Mary Anne in our school. She was fat, jolly, and always joking, and one day she was gone. I really my friend Terry Crow.  Terry was a generous, kind man, but over 100 pounds over weight. One day he simply died.  Again and again I have seen families, children, communities, lose special people too soon, because they were fat.  When I went to my doctor and she said: “You are obese” the words stung.  My Doctor said it clearly: “There are 10 to 12 diseases that you are at risk of, if you are overweight. You are lowering your odds of enjoying your family and grandkids. It is up to you.”   Consider the life style that this man had. Think of the life you can have, if you or your “fat” loved one, can lose weight.        Other doctors say it in different words: 

Dr. Solomon and JE Manson 
Section for Clinical Epidemiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA 02115, USA.

“At least one-third of Americans are obese, as defined by body mass indexes corresponding to body weight > or = 120% of ideal body weight, and this figure is rising steadily. Women and non-whites have particularly high rates of obesity. Obesity greatly increases risks for many serious and morbid conditions, including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, coronary artery disease, and some cancers. Obesity is clearly associated with increased risk for mortality.”  But, you can lose it!  (see http://www.lose20lbsin.com)

It has been said that up to 100,000,000 Americans are overweight.  And these 100,000,000 people increase the volume of some 1 billion illnesses and conditions, caused, or made worse by their weight.  (see the questions and answers section of http://www.lose20lbsin.com)   The impact on health care costs, overcrowed hospitals, and increased taxation and burdens on our nations, are so big as to be impossible to calculate.  But, give it a try.  If 100,000,000 people have only two medical diseases (heart disease, and diabetes) they will spend about $75,000 per person, in medical expenses because of those diseases.  100,000,000 x $75,000 = $75,000,000,000,000.  That is a big number. 75 TRILLION DOLLARS.   If you are into politics and you want to help your nation, just help a friend or loved one lose weight.  It is the best “health reform” package that we can imagine.  If we need to save on our huge deficits caused by health issues, and hospital costs, here is a way we could save our nation trillions of dollars. 

Perhaps it isn’t about premature death, or about $75 trillion dollars.  Perhaps it is about quality of life.  In my You Tube video I show my grandson talking about me being so fat that “My G-Pop can play with me, or climb a tree”.     Perhaps when it gets down to it, that is the the best reason to make a strong deliberate effort to lose weight.  It is one of the few things in life that 90% of people can control, and one thing that we can do to improve the quality of our lives.  See articles and research on how to do it:  (click on www.lose20lbsin.com)

I researched it, read a lot, went to have tests done, and had a great doctor (Dr. Saba Shabnam in Grapevine, Texas) to guide me through the process.  I lost 20 pounds in 20 days, and then 40 pounds in 50 days.  Starting at 238, I am now at 198, and slowly hoping to get my weight down to 170.  In truth, I feel like a different person.

Did you know that most people who are overweight have a shortage of vitamin D? We need “D” to help our heart.  Some doctors think that the fat keeps the D from properly absorbing, and perhaps that is why so many fat people die of heart attacks.  Also, I was needing B-12, and Niacin, and a good general multivitamin.  I was becoming so heavy, it was hard for me to walk and move around.  My work suffered, my marriage suffered, my sex life, and my attitude all suffered when I was 40 pounds over weight. 

Truthfully, I am not a fanatic on this. I just have so many friends and observe so many people in my world, the world of business, that are too fat. And I know they simply don’t have as good a life, as good an existence, as they could, because they are too heavy. 

My wife and I were at Joe T. Garcia’s restaurant, the famous Mexican Food restaurant, in Fort Worth a few weeks ago, and I saw a banker President, that I had known for years.  I looked at him and he had become so fat, he looked horrible. His stomach hanging over his belt, so far, that his shirt and pant buttons were straining, almost popping out.  I told him, “I went to my doctor, and my doctor told me that I was obese. And you are fatter that I was! You need to take care of this, my friend, because it is not healthy for you.”  He turned red in the face, because he knew it was true.  Later on my wife said: “Honey, you might have embarrassed that man.”  “I know it, but I figured I might make him think about it.”  Some of us, especially “macho men” are so arrogant and stubborn. Our male ego, says we don’t need to go to the doctor, we don’t need hospitals, and like mules, sometimes we have to be hit on the head to get our attention.  

That is the reason for this headline.  If I have to “hit you on the head”, to get your attention, but perhaps save your life, or give you a better quality life, then it is ok.  I am not a doctor, nor a professor, but I have had some experience, in being fat, and in losing weight.  I have put it all down in a research report, guide, and several simply “check off” steps you can use to lose your 20, 30, 40, or even 60 pounds of fat.  Click on:  www.lose20lbsin.com  For the price of one meal out with your loved one, you can have the secret treasure to make you lose your weight.    I think you are worth the effort. Don’t you?

And I will make this promise, this guarantee:  IF YOU FOLLOW THIS BOOK AND DON’T LOSE WEIGHT, ALL YOUR MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED BACK TO YOU.   But I will make you this promise as well.  Lose 20 lbs, and I will buy you a great salad.  Lose 40 lbs, and I will buy you the biggest steak in your town.  Lose 60 pounds, and I will put you on the internet and do a feature story about you!  Go to this site, it only has 4 pages, and check it out.  http://www.lose20lbsin.com   Take your life back. You will be glad that you did.

This may be a corney photo, but here are my pants, after 6 weeks. I literally lost 4 to 5 inches in the waist. What a pleasure to get back into my clothes and suits and to stop having to wear “Tents”.

I lost so much weight and what a pleasure to get back into my good suits instead of having to wear "TENTS".


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Business Executive, bank founder and president of banks for 20 years, as well as International World Bank consultant. Ran for US Congress and for Mayor of Ft.Worth. Publisher of: Global Perspectives (http://bootheglobalperspectives.com) and owner of several businesses. One of our businesses does appraisals and another environmental consulting. Wind-Inc., distributes Wind Turbines.
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  1. benboothe says:

    THIS story means a lot to me. Share it with your friends. You may do them a real favor.

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