“Venus” of the Venus&Mars Videos Talks about her new Greenhouse Company

Personal Greenhouses a Nationally Growing Trend

When Saneh Boothe formed Cornucopia Enterprises LLC (http://www.cornucopia-enterprise.com) she didn’t realize what a national trend she had tapped into. “I found that people were attracted to personal greenhouses for multiple reasons. People in tiny apartments, growing a few herbs and tomato plants on their balcony, to people actually creating a second income by growing fresh berries to sell.” she said.

Saneh T. Boothe, founder: www.cornucopia-greenhouse.com

Saneh T. Boothe founder of Cornucopia Greenhouses believes that we should grow our own!

She spent a year organizing the business, setting up the legal, and technical foundations. “As a woman, opening a ‘woman owned’ business was a bit intimidating, but I wanted to do something that was mine, and not dominated by other people. I made mistakes and spent many late nights learning how to build a company making progress inch by inch. But now I have something that people appreciate. Everywhere I go, people smile and call out ‘Hows the Greenhouse business?’ and seem to appreciate me and my company.” Saneh said with a smile.

Just last week, she reported these varied inquiries:

*a call from a man in Blum, Texas who wanted to grow his own flowers for resale

*a rich woman who wanted to grow rare herbs and spices for her cooking and entertainment

*a farmer in Indiana interested in expanding his “cash crop” of tomatoes and grapes

*a convenience store owner on a major Interstate highway in New Mexico who wanted to grow starter plants for resale

*a man in Santa Fe, who wanted a greenhouse with solar panels on it

*a young couple in Georgia who needed a second income and wanted to start a “berry” business

*a farmer in West Texas who said: “I need a cash crop, food production is the key”

“In this economy, millions of people are reevaluating their lifestyles, and making basic changes. There is a backlash against the giant business system that has come to dominate every aspect of our lives. One of those systems is the giant concentrated food production system, that many have come to believe produces unhealthy foods.” Saneh says. Then she gives a few bullet points about shortcomings of the current food system in the USA:

1. Tomatoes are picked green, long before they are ripe, so they will ship better and have a long shelf life, but they are “gassed” to turn them red, but have little taste and the penalty is a lack of vitamins and natural sugars.

2. Fruits such as apples are picked early, sprayed with chemicals, covered with wax or other “shining” chemicals, and put on the shelves.A broad spectrum of our food crops are sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and shipped to consumers who have no idea what has been “added” to these foods.

3. The mass centralized food system of the USA requires that the foods be shipped thousands of miles, at a huge transportation cost, to the extent that the average vegetable on our grocery shelves has traveled 1700 miles now. “It is a huge waste of energy and resources to put a tomato on a truck or airplane and ship it half way across a continent.” says Saneh

4. Corn crops often have such strong pesticides on them that just handling the “un shucked” ears of corn can make a person ill.

“When some women have to wear plastic gloves to handle the foods they are preparing, you get the idea something is wrong with the system.” Saneh saidCornucopia-Enterprises LLC

http://www.cornucopia-enteprise.com gives people an entire checklist of advantages when they have their own personal greenhouse:

  • Provides the choice to grow foods organically
  • Control what chemicals we will eat
  • Grow food locally to save transportation expenses
  • Utilize drip irrigation to save precious water resources
  • Create a casual time to “reconnect”, meditate, relax, and excercise
  • Connect with the earth and the foundations of life
  • Save money by growing your own!
  • Greenhouse gardening extends your growing season, multiplies production
  • Food tastes better and is healthier
  • Wise use of resources

The point Cornucopia’s founder is making is basic and hitting a sweet spot with American consumers.

“What if you have $1500 left, how are you going to spend it? Are you going to buy a Plasma TV, so you can sit in front of a TV on the couch and eat chips and junk food? Consider the impact upon your psyche and your health! What if instead you spend the money on a greenhouse, and you get exercise, you lose weight, you become healthy, you feed your family fresh foods. Which makes you happier? In this period it is time that we seriously reevaluate our lifestyles, and invest our resources and time in ways that can help our lives.” Saneh T. Boothe, CEO Cornucopia Greenhouses

Health as an issue: Many Doctors have concluded that we need healthier foods. Dr. Saba Shabnam, M.D. in Grapevine, Texas said: “If we will eat fresh grown foods, organic and without chemical additives, our health will improve. It will help in so many areas, and we tell patients worried about obesity, cancer, fatigue, and a host of issues, that the first line of treatment starts with eating healthy foods. I want to buy a greenhouse to show my children the importance of growing your own healthy foods.” People who eat organic foods can lose weight and feel better. See: http://www.lose20lbsin.com

Now Saneh of Cornucopia Greenhouses, is dreaming bigger things. “I want to help farmers and food growers see how much more profitable their operations could be with high tunnels a mile long, growing healthy food crops, with irrigation powered by wind turbines, and the soil heated with solar water heaters. I think we can increase farm productivity by and profits by 300%. The farmers need the income, our nation needs healthy foods, and I have the greenhouses and high tunnels to make it happen.”

Saneh has combined renewable energy, such as wind turbines and solar panels to her concept. Working with Wind-Inc. (http://www.wind-inc.com) the CEO said: “We have developed a system wherein we use a small wind turbine to make enough electricity to run irrigation pumps, to water the greenhouse/high tunnels, we have a solar panel system that provides the lights and runs the fans, and in cold climates we have developed a solar water heating system that will heat the greenhouses, and the soil, so that you have growing temperatures even when there is snow outside. It is a huge step forward in food growing production concepts.”

Economic Impacts also positive: “The addition of greenhouses, high tunnels, and food production to a section of land will increase the cash flow and the value of the property. When we appraise these properties, there is a definite increase in investor appeal. Plus the property becomes attractive to lenders such as the SBA or USDA, so that a farmer can actually get loans that might not otherwise be available.” said valuation and appraisal experts who appraise properties. http://www.benboothe.com

Time to grow your own? Call Cornucopia Greenhouses at: 800-379-8048, extension 104 and ask for Saneh.

Here is Saneh in her “Venus&Mars” video describing in her own words, personal, on site food production gardening with renewable energy:


About benboothe

Business Executive, bank founder and president of banks for 20 years, as well as International World Bank consultant. Ran for US Congress and for Mayor of Ft.Worth. Publisher of: Global Perspectives (http://bootheglobalperspectives.com) and owner of several businesses. One of our businesses does appraisals and another environmental consulting. Wind-Inc., distributes Wind Turbines.
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