Ethan Boothe says: Oh, you may need to add salt, pepper, or sugar, whatever you like. This is a wonderful dish that will feed the entire family for several days. Great eating, is an old indian recipe. What is Ethan Boothe Posoli? Posoli is dried corn, because the indians had no refrigeration, (hominy) and is eaten on special occasions for good luck, like Christmas or New Years.

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Ethan Boothe, Dallas businessman, says “Posoli is best eaten in the mountains when you are snowed in.”  This is not a flat-lander dish. Image

Ethan Boothe’s posoli.

A large pot

Fill with water

Add salt

Add garlic

Add hot peppers

Add ham, bacon, chicken

Add green peppers

3 onions

Chili powder

One can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup

One package of dried onion dip

Cook for 4 hours and add water several times

When the posoli “blooms” it is ready to eat.


 (Best eaten on cold snowy night, by a fireplace)  Oh by the way, bears love it, so 

be willing to share.Image

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