Words of Advice by: Ben B. Boothe, Sr.

by: Ben B. Boothe, Sr.

* Egypt: “Get along”
* Religious Conflict: “Learn Tolerance”
* Religion: “Center yours in love and wisdom”
* Religious Success: “Judge not, neither impose your opinions on others. Do things to help people
by acts of compassion”
* Diversity: “Understand and seek for what we have in common”
* Politics in America: “People above Party”
* Economics: “Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve his/her destiny”
* Syria: “Try Peace”
* Race: “We are one”
* People: “Respect and Dignity to all”
* Children: “With love, prepare them for life”
* Poor and Hungry: “Give them food, and if possible help them to improve lives”
* Families: “Love and support of last resort”
* Divorce: “Try to do it right next time around”
* Education: “Read a book a week all your life”
* Diet: “Take care of yourself properly”
* Life: “The middle way…moderation”
* Recession: “Life goes in cycles”
* Success and fame: “Life comes in cycles”
* Courage: “The most important of the virtues because without courage no virtue will ever act”
* Community: “Combine energy and creativity and make dreams come true”
* People who are different: “We all are related”
* Pets: “Be kind”
* Death: “Leave a legacy of ideas, insights, encouragement”
* Wealth: “Use it with careful compassion and wisdom”
* Poverty: “Learn it’s lessons, then feel and understand it’s victims”
* Humor: “A key to survival and success through the tragedies of life”
* Tragedy: “Life is suffering, learn that and respond with compassion”
* Big Business: “Adopt big ideas, ideals, and help humanity”
* Towns: “Fill your town with energy and creativity, make it extended family”
* War: “Chose leaders of wisdom and compassion. Talk more, fight less”
* Enterprise: “Do everything well”
* Global Future: “Add wise words and insights to the global ocean of ideas. Every idea may be like a drop in the ocean, but the “Global Generation” may hold the key to peace, progress, and survival.
* Survival: “Air, Water, Earth, Energy, Wind” Get back to the essential elements.


About benboothe

Business Executive, bank founder and president of banks for 20 years, as well as International World Bank consultant. Ran for US Congress and for Mayor of Ft.Worth. Publisher of: Global Perspectives (http://bootheglobalperspectives.com) and owner of several businesses. One of our businesses does appraisals and another environmental consulting. Wind-Inc., distributes Wind Turbines.
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