Do Nothing Congress Receives “Do nothing” Award!


We observe that the US House and Senate, as of Christmas Eve, 2013 have passed fewer bills than any since 1947. This group of elected officials brought us Sequestration (which they have been trying to figure out how to undo) and closing down the US Government (which caused overwhelming disapproval by the American people) as the greatest achievements of this Congress. They bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “do nothing Congress”. They seem to be more interested in which PAC of the Koch brothers is sending them money than in serving the American people. We note that Senator John McCain (R) of Arizona calls the Tea Party crowd “Whacko nuts”, and gives them credit for much of the conflict in the House and Senate. As they seem to have done more to hurt the People and the United States Of America we must attribute them the Global Perspectives First Annual “Losers Award” presented in recognition creating more pain and loss to the American people than any elected officials in 66 years. We wish the members of this Senate and House Merry Christmas and trust that you all will rest at home from your hard work and lack of achievements in D.C.


About benboothe

Business Executive, bank founder and president of banks for 20 years, as well as International World Bank consultant. Ran for US Congress and for Mayor of Ft.Worth. Publisher of: Global Perspectives ( and owner of several businesses. One of our businesses does appraisals and another environmental consulting. Wind-Inc., distributes Wind Turbines.
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