Raw Chicken Can Transfer Deadly Bacteria to Your Kitchen by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Sunday, December 22, 2013, 7:07 AM (CST) Chicken on Supermarket Shelves Has TOXIC BACTERIA

Chicken Has Toxic Bacteria Raw

Raw Chicken Can Transfer Deadly Bacteria to Your Kitchen

by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Sunday, December 22, 2013, 7:07 AM (CST)
Chicken on Supermarket Shelves Has Deadly Bacteria 97% of chicken in stores has toxic bacteria

Remember that time that you and family members got sick after you cooked a chicken or pork meal? It probably wasn’t the “cooking” that made them sick, it was the handling.

Consider a new study, which found that most supermarket chicken boasts a lots of antibiotic-resistant germs and 97% has bacteria that can sicken you and your family.

We all know that eating raw meat is dangerous but Consumer Reports found antibiotic-resistant strands of bacteria like salmonella, enterococcus and E. Coli in an alarming high percentage of the supermarket-sourced raw chicken breasts tested—out of 300 chicken breasts, 97 percent harbored harmful bacteria and over half had “superbug” bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The problem is that when you handle this chicken to wash or cook it, whatever you touch can be contaminated. A counter top, a door knob, even your clothes. Consider the droplets of water that splash on you , your clothes, your face and hair when you are washing raw chicken. That bacteria can live for days on a door-knob or on your shirt. Hug you child and you can pass it on. We at Boothe Global Perspectives think this is information that is worth passing on, to all who cook or prepare meals.

Over 1.3 million Americans get sick from salmonella each year, and though cooking chicken to an internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit will kill bacteria, Consumer Reports warns that it’s easy to pick up diseases from cross-contamination in the kitchen. If you take raw chicken out of the package and then touch a faucet handle or trash lid, for instance, you could be transferring bacteria onto those surfaces that’ll stay active for at least a few days.

The chicken industry has not been eager for government agencies to report, limit or establish safety levels for toxic bacteria in meat such as chicken sold to the public even though over a million people a year sicken and some no doubt die. So we will do this for our government, and ask you to send this article out throughout the world and continue to educate the public! Some ethical stores take meat off of the shelves but most major food chains put old rotten meat on sale at special sale prices. Thus just know, raw chicken (and other meats such a pork) have a large number of bacteria and living organisms that can sicken , even kill. Handle with care and after you prepare this food sanitize your kitchen , clothes and your self.

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