Rene’s 50’s Diner serves JalaSplit (JalapinoSplit), only in Mora, New Mexico

Rene’s 50’s Diner serves JalaSplit (JalapinoSplit), only in Mora!

JalapenoSplit or JalaSplit

JalapenoSplit or JalaSplit


Leave it to a Texan to rock the boat in New Mexico, and then get rich in the process.

Rene and Delia Medellin are unique in a most unique place.  Mora, New Mexico has been known as a town which historically hated Texans more than any town in the USA. 

Yet smack down in the middle of Mora, is Rene’s 50’s Diner and Little Alaska Ice Cream Parlor.

Now what is amazing about this place is when you walk in, you would think you were in a small West Texas café.

  • The music is Texas country and western. 
  • The decorations are not Hispanic, Indian or Spanish, no they are Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. 
  • Indeed even the menu has more “Chicken Fried Steaks”, “T-Bone Steak” and Texas fries, than the standard fare of New Mexico, enchiladas with green chili.

But there is one unique Mora twist to his culinary creations. 

Rene makes a banana split, complete with everything, and then something green and hot. Well, just look at the photo.  He called it a Jalasplit Mora style.  I would call it a Rene’s 50’s Diner, customer pleaser. 

Everyone knows that the key to a Northern New Mexican’s heart is green chili.  Rene’s Diner  (at 471 Highway 518 in the town of Mora, 10 miles east from Sipapu Ski Resort) has taken it to an extreme, yes a banana split topped off not with a cherry but with a Jalapeno pepper.

That’s a Texan for you. Take something to an extreme and then make it fun and then make money from it!

This couple is full of contradictions, Rene is one of those rare guys who can tell a Democrat how much he loves the Republicans, eventhe T-Party crowd, and make a Democrat smile during the process. That takes charm, and a kindly disposition.  Two characteristics that our nation sorely needs these days. Do you remember those days, when Americans could disagree without being disagreeable?

Here are the rules, to expect when you get there:

1. Rene and his wife will tell you all about how much they like Texas, in a town that hates Texans.

2. They will tell you how much they love Republicans, in a town that is 98% Democrats.

3. They will tell you that the music of Texas is the best to dance by (in a town that loves Latino music).

But their customers tell the most “telling” story of all.  Rene’s 50’s Diner has become the most popular place in Mora to eat.  The food is good. The service is good. And they make you feel like family, like they will call you by name the next time you drop by.

And how does the Jalasplit go down?  Kind of like a Texas dust storm over a patch of cactus, next to an oil well.  Kind of scratchy and painful at first taste, but very rewarding and memorable as it does down deep.

Drop by the next time you are cruising through the beautiful Mora valley. Tell Rene and Delia Medellin that you heard about them from BootheGlobalPerspectives, and order a JalapenoSplit.  You will be glad that you did!


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