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Rene’s 50’s Diner serves JalaSplit (JalapinoSplit), only in Mora, New Mexico

Rene’s 50’s Diner serves JalaSplit (JalapinoSplit), only in Mora!

JalapenoSplit or JalaSplit

JalapenoSplit or JalaSplit


Leave it to a Texan to rock the boat in New Mexico, and then get rich in the process.

Rene and Delia Medellin are unique in a most unique place.  Mora, New Mexico has been known as a town which historically hated Texans more than any town in the USA. 

Yet smack down in the middle of Mora, is Rene’s 50’s Diner and Little Alaska Ice Cream Parlor.

Now what is amazing about this place is when you walk in, you would think you were in a small West Texas café.

  • The music is Texas country and western. 
  • The decorations are not Hispanic, Indian or Spanish, no they are Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. 
  • Indeed even the menu has more “Chicken Fried Steaks”, “T-Bone Steak” and Texas fries, than the standard fare of New Mexico, enchiladas with green chili.

But there is one unique Mora twist to his culinary creations. 

Rene makes a banana split, complete with everything, and then something green and hot. Well, just look at the photo.  He called it a Jalasplit Mora style.  I would call it a Rene’s 50’s Diner, customer pleaser. 

Everyone knows that the key to a Northern New Mexican’s heart is green chili.  Rene’s Diner  (at 471 Highway 518 in the town of Mora, 10 miles east from Sipapu Ski Resort) has taken it to an extreme, yes a banana split topped off not with a cherry but with a Jalapeno pepper.

That’s a Texan for you. Take something to an extreme and then make it fun and then make money from it!

This couple is full of contradictions, Rene is one of those rare guys who can tell a Democrat how much he loves the Republicans, eventhe T-Party crowd, and make a Democrat smile during the process. That takes charm, and a kindly disposition.  Two characteristics that our nation sorely needs these days. Do you remember those days, when Americans could disagree without being disagreeable?

Here are the rules, to expect when you get there:

1. Rene and his wife will tell you all about how much they like Texas, in a town that hates Texans.

2. They will tell you how much they love Republicans, in a town that is 98% Democrats.

3. They will tell you that the music of Texas is the best to dance by (in a town that loves Latino music).

But their customers tell the most “telling” story of all.  Rene’s 50’s Diner has become the most popular place in Mora to eat.  The food is good. The service is good. And they make you feel like family, like they will call you by name the next time you drop by.

And how does the Jalasplit go down?  Kind of like a Texas dust storm over a patch of cactus, next to an oil well.  Kind of scratchy and painful at first taste, but very rewarding and memorable as it does down deep.

Drop by the next time you are cruising through the beautiful Mora valley. Tell Rene and Delia Medellin that you heard about them from BootheGlobalPerspectives, and order a JalapenoSplit.  You will be glad that you did!

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Blogger: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES – Template.

How Much Do You Need to Live On? (see http://www.bootheglobalperspectives.com to see graphics)

How Much is Your Nut?How Much is Your Nut?

BootheGlobalPerspectives is taking a survey and providing a checklist test, to help

you see how much you must make, to have disposable income.

Our affiliate, Boothe and Associates Appraisers reports that the higher disposable

income in an area, the higher appraised values are for real estate and companies.

We would love to hear back from you, so please write us at: ben@benboothe.com as

to your occupation, industry and city.

Just what does it cost to live in your industry and in your area? If you wish, we

will not publish your name, if you so request.


Recently, I spoke to a good friend who is an attorney and he said, “My nut is $40,000

per month, by the time I pay all of my bills and payments, only then can I pay myself.”

I asked a real estate broker and he said: “My nut is $22,000 per month before I pay

myself anything.”

A school teacher told me. “I have to pay $3,000 per month in bills before I have anything

for myself.”

A clerk at WalMart told me: “My expenses, house and car payment, gas, utilities, food, clothing, doctor bills and medicines

run $2,700 per month. I make $1,400 per month and have to borrow from my parents every month to live.”

One man told me that “Minimum wage is so low, that I can do better on welfare than to get a job.”

It would seem that we are forcing people into poverty and onto welfare, because we are not paying livable wages. Indeed

our minimum wage puts people automatically on the poverty rolls.

So, like the squirrel, at the top of this article, who has to crack open the nut before he can eat anything, “What is your nut?”

Here is a brief test, and you calculate how much you have to make to survive, before you have any “disposable income”.


House payment or rent………………………$
House insurance……………………………….$
Repairs and upkeep on home…………………$
Auto payment……………………………………$
Auto insurance…………………………………..$
Upkeep and repairs on appliances…………….$
Fuel oil, natural gas and electric bill… ………$
Gasoline or commuter tickets for travel………$
Repairs, permits, licenses, tickets for car……..$
School expense, tuition, books, food……………..$
Baby sitting, day care, …………………………….$
2nd Car, payment, insurance, and maint……..$
Lawn maint, equipment, upkeep, water,mow…$
Office expense, rent, parking………………………$
Main telephone line for home………………………$
Main telephone line for office or business………..$
Internet expense for home…………………………..$
Internet expense for office or business…………….$
Cell phone for husband……………………………….$
Cell phone for wife……………………………………..$
Cell phone for kids……………………………………..$
Medical insurance for family………………………..$
Other doctor, and dental not covered by ins……..$
Emergency repairs of A/C, Heating/Ovens/………$
Payments to employees, staff, labor………………..$
Food expense for family at home…………………….$
Eating out and entertainment……………………….$
Business travel, meals, lodging………………………$
Payments on equipment for business……………….$
Newspapers, magazines, publications………………$
Supplies, paper, toner, toiletries, soap, detergent..$
Traffic fees, tolls, tickets, parking……………………$
Legal fees………………………………………………….$
Accounting or CPA fees…………………………………$
Pet expenses, Vet fees, medicines, foods, toys………$
Credit card payments…………………………………..$
Loan payments, including interest and penalties..$
College loans, equipment loans, investments………$
Other monthly expenses………………………………..$
Taxes, withholdings, state, Federal, county fees…..$
Now HOW MUCH IS YOUR NUT? $________, on a monthly basis.

Calculate it and let us know. How much money do you have to make (after withholdings)

The minimum wage was passed in the United States with the concept that no American should live in poverty, that

every American, willing to work, should be able earn enough to pay basic living expenses.

So, if you are making this minimum wage, of $7.25 per hour and work a

40 hour week, you will make a gross income (before withholding)

of $290.00 per week. Or $1,160. per month. How far does that go, to pay

your “nut” or your basic expenses before you have anything. For some reason,

the minimum wage has not been increased to match inflation, in decades,

because some politicians don’t believe that Americans should have a livable

wage, or that American businessmen should not have to pay a fair livable wage.

Can you imagine how difficult, even impossible, for a person to live, have a spouse,

take care of children, with this kind of income? Is this how the richest nation on earth provides opportunity for our

citizens who want to work? In this land, where the richer have a higher and higher control of all of the wealth in

America, now that they have achieved their goals to control much of the income of the nation, is this an example

of their wisdom, compassion, fairness, in compensation the millions of people who they pay? The very same people

who helped them to get to the top, by sacrificing their income, for the benefit of the biggest and richest of our nation?

Yesterday in Washington, D.C. Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a bill — cosponsored by Bernie Sanders

and other Senators— that would boost the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from today’s $7.25 starvation

wage. Now a raise to $10.10 per hour for a 40 hour week would only have increased the “livable wage” to

$400 per week or $1,616 per month (before withholdings). Only one Republican voted to even consider the measure.

Or put the other way, every Republican in this process, except one, voted against it, something Bernie Sanders called

“disappointing but not surprising.”

But there’s still hope. Bernie met last weekend in Charlotte, N.C., with fast-food restaurant employees who are part of a growing

grassroots movement for a minimum wage increase. “What you are doing is extraordinarily important and brave,” he told

the young workers who are demanding that billion dollar companies, which make massive profits such as McDonalds, agree

to pay a minimum of $15.00 per hour. “You are saying that you are tired of being exploited.” said Senator Sanders. We at

Global Perspectives, would like those Senators who voted against minimum wage increases:

1. To let us know how much you have to earn, to pay all of your bills, to “crack your expenses”, before you have any disposable income.

2. We would be interested in knowing, how much expenses you generate at taxpayer expense, to run your Senate office.

I doubt that any Senator (once called the “Millionaires Club” of Congress) has the courage to tell us that, in light of their votes,

but challenge you, as citizens and voters, tell us, we would like to know.

If you have something positive to share, we will consider publishing it, but first tell us what you have

to earn just to pay all of your bills by the schedule in this article. Tell us how much we taxpayers

pay of your operating expense. Tell us how much salary you make at taxpayer expense.

To our thousands of readers around the world, I predict that these Senators will not respond,

because it would be too embarrassing for them, but let’s see.

Note the following chart. It shows that across most of the nation, that the minimum wage does not pay enough to even pay basic expenses.

What can we say as responsible American

citizens? When I look at my lifestyle, I see

that my travel expenses alone, are almost

double, what a typical person making

minimum wage earns. Do we blame this on them

for lack of initiative, skill or work ethic? Or do we

see to it that our system, gives good people who are

willing to work a hand up, a fair shake, and an opportunity

to achieve some part of the American dream?

Every person I have hired in business makes much than

the minimum wage, because it is fair and the right

thing to do.


In my early work years, one summer, while I was a high

school student, I got a job at the U.S. Post Office.

At the time, I could make a fair wage working as a

clerk in my dad’s retail store or slightly more, working at the

Post Office. I learned that I could make another 50 cents

an hour, working for 6 Flags Over Texas. But all of these

wages, had a foundation of “pay the minimum wage, that or better”

was the motto of good managers in business. It was a blessing for me.

I had purchased a Mustang, for $2,800 and I made good

headway paying for that car, with what I earned. But then,

minimum wage was high enough that I could save a little and

buy a new car. These workers on minimum today cannot even afford to put gas in a car, much less buy a new one.

That was many years ago. Today, as the chart shows,

political pressure has paralyzed and frozen minimum wage so that it will not even allow a person to pay essential living expenses.

Shame on our business managers, who seem to have lost an ethic that made America great, that ethic of: “A fair wage for a fair day’s work”.

Yet, more money is being made at upper levels (people who make more than $400,000 per year) than ever, at the cost of the people on

minimum wage that work their hearts out, to make those wealthy company profits possible.

The USA has dropped in economic progress, so that many nations now have lower levels of people on welfare, and higher

minimum wages than our nation does. We have lost leadership as the wealthiest nation on earth. We have become a

nation, that shows huge wealth and profits, by less than 5% of our population, with concentrated wealth and earnings

at the top, with the other 95% and particularly those at the lowest levels, making less, and yet paying higher tax rates

than those at the top. It is a violation of our ethic as a nation, a violation of our ethic as a nation of Christian values,

and violates our notion that people who work, have a right to be paid a fair wage for a fair days work.

We repeat: Shame on our political leaders who sit up front in their churches and have no social ethic for

helping people, or remembering it was the Christ who said: “A laborer is worth his hire.”

If you can live on minimum wage, bless you! We particularly would like to hear from you, as we would like to know how you do it.

But for all of the rest of our readers, tell me how much is “your nut”? How much to you have to make, to pay all of your bills,

and have any left over, to save or pay yourself.

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Gun Sales Dropping, ammunition hoarders folly exposed

One Shot Enough for Real Hunters

One Shot Enough for Real Hunters

Saturday I was in New Hampshire home of one of the most successful gun manufacturing companies in The USA.  while in Newport, New Hampshire one of the most informed men in the industry told me that “Big Box, big store sales of guns dropped by over 30% in the last 2 months”. My source confirmed what we predicted 6 months ago. At that time BootheGlobalPerspectives reported that the gun and ammunition rush was an artificial crisis created by gun activists, and groups such as the NRA who mixed the love of guns with a political opposition of President Obama and then blamed the artificial crisis of their creation on the President.  We at benboothe.com have studied the “gun and ammo” shortage over the past 3 years and our research indicated that it was not a real shortage based upon normal market activity. It was a political campaign fanned by activists and NRA type groups, trying to stir up something. What they ultimately did, is persuade thousands of naive people, to pile stacks and stacks of ammunition and guns in their homes, closets, vaults, garages and even attics. Guns and ammo that 99% of them will never use. What a manipulated waste. In the meantime the gun dealers and ammo manufacturing companies made record profits. Some of the smartest in the gun business sold out at the peak of the “Obama wants to take my guns” hysteria, when profits were highest.  So, this campaign essentially enriched a few, in the gun magazine, gun retail, and gun manufacturing business, at the cost of a lot of sincere and poorly informed hunters in America.

Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, Montana were some of the states where zeal to buy up ammunition was highest. A gun shop owner in Clovis, New Mexico laughed as he told me that he had enjoyed the highest sales in 20 years by using the phrase “Obama wants your guns” in his store. A gun store in West Fort Worth, put a photo of Obama on a counter, of plastic toy guns with an insulting remark, and both stores, lost the business of me and my hunter friends, because we just didn’t appreciate the negative politics mixed. We go to a gun store to pick up a gun or a few shells to hunt quail, not to hear a rabid political harangue.  


While in New Hampshire we interviewed avid hunters. One said: 

“No respectable hunter needs more than one shot to kill a deer. The second shot is always too late, the third shot is just for noise.”  

Of course, the gun rage for automatic assault rifles and “machine gun” military replicas has nothing to do with true sports hunting.  It is a mixture of politics, machoism, insecurity, anger and myth, all mixed with rabid emotions. Some people truly feel empowered to have a gun. One man told me that he felt good when he sat in the First Baptist Church of my town, with a loaded Glock under his suit coat.  As for me, it made me not want to sit anywhere near that fellow, because what made him feel “powerful” gave me other feelings.  Knowing the guy, I would have hated for him to pull one of his temper tantrums and go over the edge with that loaded gun.  

Speaking to a bank president of a small hunting town in south central Texas I was surprised one day to hear him say, “I want all of my bank loan officers to have automatic assault rifles”.  I asked him why and he said: “To protect us against our government!” he said. 
I asked him which part of government he didn’t like, the local police, the Sheriff, the Texas Rangers, the U.S. Marines, the FBI, or what? He said: “I don’t like the Federal Government ones.”   I reminded him that those people were citizens of the USA, and hired by us, the taxpayers, to enforce the law and protect our Constitution. “They are patriotic Americans, they don’t want your guns. But when a emotionally disturbed loon starts shooting up a theatre or a military base, don’t you want someone to come and take care of it, or do you want to go out there with your loan officers?”  I said. After a while, he stopped his argument, but my guess, is that his closets are stacked high with guns and ammunition that he may never use.  He just made some gun dealers a bit richer, and created a dangerous temptation for his grandkids, or thieves to come in. Heaven forbid that lightening or a fire hits his home, it could create danger for neighbors and others. His is not a bank, that I would feel safe in, if someone set off a firecracker, or some kid lifted up a toy cap gun. 

“Some of these people are a bit off the wall, they have been listening to Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck too long.”  gun dealer Mike Davis told me. 

Jim Cavanaugh former ATM officer appeared on the Rachael Maddox program recently and gave a historical background of the many “fringe groups” in the USA that have stockpiled weapons and have become problems leading to social conflict and deaths in our nation. I have had friends from the FBI tell me that “We have far more ‘home grown’ terrorists in the USA than foreign threats. 

Notice recent articles from Bloomburg Business Week, CNN and others and you can follow how this is playing out. For one, I have little sympathy for the people who “willingly believed” the propaganda and now have stacks and piles of shells filling their closets. The issue is a hybrid mixture of social cultural background, right wing political activism, misplaced patriotism,  paranoia of a myth of government law enforcement wanting to seize people’s weapons, and imagined empowerment of having guns (a lot of guns). It brings a sad smile to my face as I imagine them trying to figure out what to do with all of those boxes of ammunition.  I fear that we will hear more stories of houses burning and exploding like ammunition dumps or children playing with ammo, hurting themselves and others by accident. Worse the acceleration of kids “taking the guns from dad’s collection” and  using them in emotional mass killings continues to expand, as the promulgation of guns expands. Almost every week we hear of another domestic killing or child rampage, using powerful assualt and automatic weapons.

We quote portions of an article by Bloomberg Business below and credit them for reporting on this.  I also confirmed the decline of gun and ammo sales, during a personal interview with a high level source personally familiar with gun manufacturing in New England.Hoarding Ammo Folly


Americans, apparently, may finally have enough guns and ammunition. The gun case at the left, is a conservative example of what hoarders have been doing. Some have entire rooms or storage areas, piled up with ammunition. Some have military style boxes full of “rounds”.  We saw a report and photo of a garage that was filled with guns and ammunition, probably worth more than the man’s small home.

Cabela’s (CAB), a chain of outdoor stores that specialize in hunting and fishing equipment, said this morning the firearms market is cooling drastically.

Sales at Cabela’s stores open more than one year plummeted 10.1 percent in the recent quarter, primarily because of sluggish firearms sales and a “much sharper than expected” decline in ammunition buying, says Chief Executive Tommy Millner. Excluding guns and ammo, same-store sales were down only 3.5 percent for the retailer, which is based in Sidney, Neb.  

Gun and ammo manufacturers, report overall orders down over 30+ in many markets. 

The thinning crowd of gun buyers should not have been a surprise. In October, Cabela’s warned that the market was cooling “significantly.” FBI background checks, a leading indicator of firearm demand, have also been dropping. Federal applications to make a gun purchase last month were one-third fewer than a year ago.

 The industry, meanwhile, is coming off record highs. Background checks peaked immediately after the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in December 2012, on fears that tighter gun control laws would soon follow. But such legislation never really materialized, and background checks started tailing off over the summer.

At an analyst meeting early this month, Smith & Wesson (SWHC) CEO James Debney said the industry is “coming out of this surge period into what we would call a more normal environment, which is generally free of influence of some fear or uncertainty about increased legislation.”

Some people used life savings or even family budget money to create their hoard of ammunition. Finally now they know that the Obama gun scare was simply a myth, used by some, to profit at the expense of the easily manipulated people of our culture. Bullets or House Payments?

Bullets or House Payments?


Like the photo of the young woman who apparently prefered to have funds for ammo, instead of her home mortgage, some people have been a bit unbalanced on this issue.  Americans, apparently, may finally have enough guns and ammunition. Most Americans know now that there is no shortage of either.  Reasonable Americans know that the US Government is not trying to “get their guns”, nor is the government hoarding ammo. Indeed in one report, recent purchases of ammo for Homeland Security are lower than in prior periods.

Most Americans know, that our government, the FBI, the police, the local Sheriff, are there to protect us and enforce the law, not to “take our guns”.  A bank president in a small town of Central/West Texas told me recently that he wanted his loan officers to have assault rifles, “To protect ourselves from the government”.  Those kind of people simply do not reflect attitudes of the majority of Americans and by most measures would be considered “fringe” thinkers. But it was the energy and impetus of people like that which created the “gun and ammo shortage”, the USA has recently come out of.

The hoarders might be better off to use that excess money to send their kids and grandkids to college.  Or just chill out, and take a vacation.  Our advice, honestly study and research gun and ammunition manufacturing and supply. 


Education and enlightenment will go far to deal with mistakes like this in the future.

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New Perspective on NSA, and Intelligence Gathering vs Personal Freedom

Intelligence Gathering, the NSA, FBI and CIA, another Perspective

by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 9:48 AM (CST)

(See article with photos at: http://www.bootheglobalperspectives.com)

I recall with vivid clarity, the night George W. Bush made his AXIS of EVIL speech. Remember, he targeted Iran, Iraq and North Korea, but kept a lingering anger at Cuba, Libya, Syria, Belarus, Burma, and Zimbabwe.

Axis of EvilAxis of Evil

Interesting that Afghanistan was not even mentioned and it has been our longest lingering conflict with “boots on the ground”.

In spite of all of the drama, war, conflict and maneuvering, after all of the billions spent and all of the lives lost, it seems that not much has changed with the Axis of Evil participants. The same groups are still in conflict, none of the nations can boast of significant improvements in lifestyle. It can be argued that Iraq, Iran and North Korea are all just as ‘conflict oriented’ today as they were before George Bush’s wars. We have hopes for the “kind” comments coming out of Iran and can only hope that the radicals of that nation will allow some progress in international relations there.

But, one thing we must hand to former President George W. Bush. The United States remains the freest and most secure nation on earth. Our Glass Buildings Convey Freedom and LightOur Glass Buildings Convey Freedom and Light I was observing images of new corporate buildings in America. Have you ever considered that our newest office buildings are not built like fortresses, like many commercial buildings are designed in less secure nations? Many of our newest buildings are built with free and open glass designs, suggesting openness and freedom from worry about things such as terrorism or attacks.

Consider that our highway system is the most open “free” transportation system in the world. Any person can freely drive from one end of the nation to the other, without road blocks, searches, passes or passport inspections (assuming that the speed limit and basic traffic laws are observed).

Our rail system seems to be almost unguarded it is so free and the aviation system has its TSA security checks but in spite of that, most every American can fly to any city in the USA without being detained.

I believe in personal freedom and personal rights. But I also appreciate the fact that much of our security is “out of sight”. It is refreshing to be in America and not see the halls of every building, airport and bus terminal lined with armed soldiers, like we see in some “autocratic” nations.

So gradually, I have come to appreciate the extremely effective information system of America that has kept us secure and free from being a nation that must live and work in a “bunker mentality”. Most Americans can look out windows from their homes and workplaces and have little or no fear of some religious or political radical attacking them.

Consider our movies and malls. In many nations on earth movies are a security risk and highly guarded.Movies are Guarded and then People Locked InMovies are Guarded and then People Locked In In India, everyone entering a movie theater goes through security as tough at America’s TSA systems. And in India, when the movie starts, everyone is locked in, until it is over, for security reasons. So many bombs have been set off in movie theaters, India considers it a necessity. But in America, people come and go with no thought of fear. Consider our malls. In some nations, every bag going in or out is checked, and people are wanted and checked by metal detectors. Not in our America.

It seems to me, that America is still the “land of the free” and this freedom is no accident. So what if we are observed by dozens of security cameras as we walk and shop. At least we are safe and free. So what if a computer records our telephone calls or internet messages? Have we forgotten that those NSA, FBI and CIA workers are American patriots, working to protect us? And a good job they have done.

So when I see America “running” from the most effective and comprehensive intelligence system in the world, I am concerned. More information, tactics, disclosures of methods, have been disclosed to our friends and enemies in the past 18 months than in our nation’s history. We have lost friends and made new enemies as a result. I feel that when an NSA employee defects to another nation or when an FBI or CIA worker goes to the other side, that it creates more risk for every American.

The Washington Post recently reported that “Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercepts and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications.” We hear these things that most Americans have never considered and it sounds outrageous, but in truth, it is what the American people and our leaders have asked for. When we ask for the best security in the world, we must have the best intelligence gathering systems in the world to make it happen. If balance is a key to good government and leadership we must ask the question:

Where Do We Draw A Line on Intelligence Gathering vs Security vs Personal Privacy Rights?

Is it good or is it bad?Is it good or is it bad?The NSA sorts a fraction of those 1.7 billion communications into 70 separate data bases. Do we lose some personal freedom when we consider that every email, every phone call, can be copied, monitored and catalogued? Yes. But the truth and fact of the matter is, that every nation has done that since we had telephones and the internet. Try going to Dubai, Beijing, Russia, Israel or Tehran where the “bugging” is obvious, invasive and often absurd, it is so poorly done. Some have been clumsier about it than we have. Any educated person in America knows that every word he types or speaks into an electronic device could be monitored, but we have known this since Alexander Bell created the telephone. Why do we act so surprised at the reports of data gathering? The first rule of business when I opened my first bank, was that “Just assume that anything you say on a phone is being recorded by someone.” That was more than 40 years ago. Electronic intelligence gathering is a system invented and perfected in the United States, for us, the people. Our nation does it to protect the people, unlike China, Russian or Iran who use it to control the people. There is a difference. We demand security and freedom and this is how we keep security and freedom. Other nations use it to control freedom, especially freedom of speech. So is our right to be secure and fee more important than our right to have privacy? I suggest that personal privacy is a blessing, but even that is lost if we lose the safety and security of our nation to terrorists or foreign powers.

In the USA this huge capacity for gathering and storage of data is increasing. The NSA (according to Fox News) is building a “Data Center in Utah that could hold 5 zettabytes of data, the biggest data bank in the world.”

So now, the NSA reportedly has approximately 40,000 employees, who constantly obtain, study and categorize data. Some call it the “Nerd capital of the world”. The agency has huge funding that buys considerable energy and effort which is going to increase. This coupled with some of the most powerful computers on earth, creates an ability to organize information “relationships” that could indicate trends, plans or habits. Their computers are so big and so numerous that one NSA campus alone uses as much electricity as the entire city of Annapolis.

The NSA facilities are significant and impressive as this image of the NSA location at Fort Mead demonstrates.NSA CampusNSA Campus And this is just one of many facilities. We see spider type gathering computer systems at work on our monitors originating all around the world and suspect that some to those are NSA facilities, or institutions with government contracts. Some are corporations such as Google, and some are foreign nations at work gathering data. Some are one nation’s intelligence system, snooping on another nation’s system as they monitor each other. But no system on earth can compare with the scope and power of the National Security Agency. The FBI and CIA certainly are significant players, but the NSA wrote the book on electronic intelligence gathering. Russia and Israel both spend considerable effort monitoring American communications, one to oppose us, the other to continue to get more money from us.

China is probably the king of intelligence and communication gathering in Asia. I was working in Asia once when an official informed me that my hotel room in China was bugged. I laughed and said: “If those guys don’t have anything better to do than listen to me snoring and watching TV they must be pretty hard up.” Thousands of people in China monitor telephone calls and computer emails. Most people don’t have “state secrets” worth their time to listen but the fact that they do it seems to intimidate the people. Russian people seem to have the same reaction. People in America, so far, are not intimidated by data collection, probably most simply figure that the government that we elect and hire to keep us secure is on our side. It would seem to me that the people who really get mad about monitoring are the ones who have secrets that they are afraid will be exposed. There is no doubt that criminals and giant corporations often may have issues that break the law, or do things harmful to the USA, are opposed to “monitoring”. Certainly the “Do Nothing” Congress of the USA may have elected officials as corrupt as they are useless. So they would be opposed to having their secrets monitored.

But humor aside there are serious spies and terrorists who we need to keep an eye and ear on. But it is implausible that any government agency of the USA would have an interest in the petty affairs of everyday Americans. It is plausible to figure that 99.9% of the data that they mine is put in “inconsequential” files.

Americans know that the NSA, FBI and CIA all have considerable intelligence gathering capability. Perhaps the 1/10 of 1 % of the secrets that these agencies gather are potentially harmful to our nation. As for me, I am glad that we have people willing to protect our nation and the first line of defense is information. That seems preferable than stressing armed soldiers walking the streets and breaking into homes searching for something as happens in some nations. If you don’t want to be bothered about intelligence gathering, just live and work as straightforward as you can and demand that your employees do the same. Be thoughtful and enlightened citizens, work hard and strive to elect honest leaders. Corporate business leaders must teach their employees to learn discretion and simple common sense in our public and electronic communications. No doubt there is an “eye watching you” as the old time church song said. It is truer now than ever. But that eye is not the eye of God. In the USA it is often the eye of our fellow citizens trying to protect America and Americans, who love this nation and hope to be monitoring people who abide by its laws. But to complicate things more, foreign nations are also monitoring electronic communications. Our Global Perspectives articles, critical of other nations have sometimes attracted server attacks and we have seen the effects of their “pinging” attacks on our system. Often a nation is the only entity that can create enough volume to bring a system down. But software can identify the “web crawlers” that are monitoring web sites and scooping up information 24 hours per day, and the sources of many internet snoopers are in nations hostile to U.S. interests.

Most Americans don’t need to create “walls” to secure your systems, or encrypt your conversations of your everyday life. Most Americans are simply trying to raise families, make a living and survive. More and more of the biggest secrets are never spoken aloud on an electronic device anyway. The most important secrets are whispered in an ear or carried by a courier. “Non technology” communication is becoming more prevalent with those who carry the huge secrets. Ironic how that technology eventually forces us backwards in communication isn’t it?

So, my point:

Ours is the most powerful society with the most freedoms of any nation on earth.

That freedom is often preserved and maintained by our government and our intelligence agencies.

Our lives should be lived intelligently, with moderation and with discretion, always seeking ‘More Light’.

Alas beware of those folks who are paranoid about government snooping, they may be the ones with secrets.

Copyright © 2003 – 2014 Ben B. Boothe, All rights reserved. Ben B. Boothe and Associates, LLC.

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Boothe Global Perspectives Reports

Boothe Global Perspectives, http://www.bootheglobalperspectives.com offers article on lowest unemployment rate in over 5 years confirming continued economic growth.

Also, Saneh Boothe, continues to expand acting doing parts for movies, commercials and voice overs.

Finally, if you need legal help, check out Ben Boothe, II. We have a diverse family, but he is offering one hour of legal advice, and you can find him at benboothelaw.com.

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Raw Chicken Can Transfer Deadly Bacteria to Your Kitchen by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Sunday, December 22, 2013, 7:07 AM (CST) Chicken on Supermarket Shelves Has TOXIC BACTERIA

Chicken Has Toxic Bacteria Raw

Raw Chicken Can Transfer Deadly Bacteria to Your Kitchen

by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Sunday, December 22, 2013, 7:07 AM (CST)
Chicken on Supermarket Shelves Has Deadly Bacteria 97% of chicken in stores has toxic bacteria

Remember that time that you and family members got sick after you cooked a chicken or pork meal? It probably wasn’t the “cooking” that made them sick, it was the handling.

Consider a new study, which found that most supermarket chicken boasts a lots of antibiotic-resistant germs and 97% has bacteria that can sicken you and your family.

We all know that eating raw meat is dangerous but Consumer Reports found antibiotic-resistant strands of bacteria like salmonella, enterococcus and E. Coli in an alarming high percentage of the supermarket-sourced raw chicken breasts tested—out of 300 chicken breasts, 97 percent harbored harmful bacteria and over half had “superbug” bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The problem is that when you handle this chicken to wash or cook it, whatever you touch can be contaminated. A counter top, a door knob, even your clothes. Consider the droplets of water that splash on you , your clothes, your face and hair when you are washing raw chicken. That bacteria can live for days on a door-knob or on your shirt. Hug you child and you can pass it on. We at Boothe Global Perspectives think this is information that is worth passing on, to all who cook or prepare meals.

Over 1.3 million Americans get sick from salmonella each year, and though cooking chicken to an internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit will kill bacteria, Consumer Reports warns that it’s easy to pick up diseases from cross-contamination in the kitchen. If you take raw chicken out of the package and then touch a faucet handle or trash lid, for instance, you could be transferring bacteria onto those surfaces that’ll stay active for at least a few days.

The chicken industry has not been eager for government agencies to report, limit or establish safety levels for toxic bacteria in meat such as chicken sold to the public even though over a million people a year sicken and some no doubt die. So we will do this for our government, and ask you to send this article out throughout the world and continue to educate the public! Some ethical stores take meat off of the shelves but most major food chains put old rotten meat on sale at special sale prices. Thus just know, raw chicken (and other meats such a pork) have a large number of bacteria and living organisms that can sicken , even kill. Handle with care and after you prepare this food sanitize your kitchen , clothes and your self.

We at Boothe Global Perspectives invite you to distribute this article for health and safety reasons, or to see our site at: bootheglobalperspectives.com.

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Do Nothing Congress Receives “Do nothing” Award!


We observe that the US House and Senate, as of Christmas Eve, 2013 have passed fewer bills than any since 1947. This group of elected officials brought us Sequestration (which they have been trying to figure out how to undo) and closing down the US Government (which caused overwhelming disapproval by the American people) as the greatest achievements of this Congress. They bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “do nothing Congress”. They seem to be more interested in which PAC of the Koch brothers is sending them money than in serving the American people. We note that Senator John McCain (R) of Arizona calls the Tea Party crowd “Whacko nuts”, and gives them credit for much of the conflict in the House and Senate. As they seem to have done more to hurt the People and the United States Of America we must attribute them the Global Perspectives First Annual “Losers Award” presented in recognition creating more pain and loss to the American people than any elected officials in 66 years. We wish the members of this Senate and House Merry Christmas and trust that you all will rest at home from your hard work and lack of achievements in D.C.

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13 Bad Travelers Do on Airplanes Manners on Airplanes


by Ben B.Boothe, Sr. | ‎Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 11:38 AM (CST)

Think about the guy who sits down in front of you and immediately reclines his seat so that his head is 5″ from your face. Like many business people, I have to fly a lot. In a given week, I might be in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, and Texas. Those who fly a lot, easily identify those who don’t fly often. A worse category are those “frequent flyers” who are terrible passengers even when they do fly a lot. Such as the old fellow who stopped in First Class and refused to move into his seat, because he preferred to stand in the aisle. He just didn’t want to sit down. He was blocking entry into the airplane to a large group, while he stood in the aisle adjusting his tie. I watched a woman physically almost pick the shocked old fellow up and move him into his seat, while the 25 or so waiting to get into our seats gave quiet cheers. Well, here are 13 of my pet peeves and I hope you will send me more by email from one of our company sites on the Global Perspectives Home Page.


1. People who walk down the airplane aisle with purses, bags and multiple items that hit, bump or fly into the head, shoulders and face of sitting passengers. I have been hit by baby beds, architect easels, backpacks, brief cases, computers, guitars, giant purses and kicked in the head by babies hanging onto their Mother’s backs. What gives with these people? They are alike the people who stand in the middle of the aisle blocking everyone, refusing to give way while they manipulate their luggage, kids, or computers. Then after you have packed the luggage and folded your suit coat, closed the overhead, there are the ruthless ones who decide to cram into your overhead, move your luggage, smash your clothes or hat and cram their boxes into your fragile camera and computer bags. When they smash their luggage atop my clean and pressed business suit that I must wear for meetings, I get irritated.

2. I hate the arrogant guy who stands up in his place and yells and talks to all of his friends and will not sit down. These people want to be seen and want everyone to hear them. He blocks the view of everyone else, blocks the aisle for others who need to go to the bathroom and inserts his personality into everyone’s mind. On international flights I have seen some stand up like this, loudly entertaining whoever will watch, for hours. Every long flight seems to have a loud clown like this.

3. Irksome are the loud passengers who do not stop talking for an entire flight and others within hearing range in front and behind them have to endure their self centered conversations. More about these later.

4. The ones who sit down and immediately lower their seat backs to sleeping mode. They never look back or politely ask permission and end up putting their heads within 6 inches of the lap of the poor person behind them and take away his ability to use his tray for food, reading or computer use. I am a bit overweight and it really crowds me when a seat comes lumbering down into my lap. Observe the “reclining” passenger, they seem to never be “normal”. I have seen black men dance and sing in their chairs, white men snore and strange women mumble and talk out loud. I have resorted to tapping them on the shoulder and asking them to move their seats back up with something like “I have bad knees and you are cramping me”. These pinheaded people are some of the worst, they simply don’t realize (or care) how they impact others. When I want to “recline” in an airplane, I always look back and say: “Will it bother you if I take my seat back?” and try to not go all the way back, if I do recline. If there is a mother with a baby behind me, I don’t recline, just to help her out.

5. Are you allergic or sensitive to smells? Those who spray perfume, hair spray or do personal grooming in the airplane seat bother me. I was beside a man who took out an electric razor and shaved and trimmed his hair beside me. Then he slapped “aftershave” on his face. I didn’t want the noise, smell or his whiskers in my face.

6. The ones who let their children (or grown ups) be loud, out of hand, or rowdy. One lady changed a diaper in the seat across from me. ugh! Another fed her little dog who was in a bag between her feet and the dog started whining and asking for more food during the flight.

7. Stewardesses who just keep on talking on the intercom…some just need attention, or perhaps they think they are potential movie stars, but how obnoxious. When the intercom is set loud and repeated mindless chatter interrupts you, one must wonder, if they have brains between their ears. This is especially negative when they start describing all the charges and fees they have for leg room, drinks, food, email and ad infinitum.

8. The passengers who jump up and run over everyone in the aisle, the moment the plane stops, instead of allowing each seat row to get up and out in order, these people are dangerous. I hate the pushers who start breathing down your neck the moment the plane stops rolling. To those crowders I often look them in the eye and say: “Are you in a hurry? Do you have an emergency? If not, take a deep breath and relax.” That normally calms them down, although occasionally one says “I may miss a flight” and those I give them a pass with a “Good luck”.

9. The Romeo’s and Juliet’s who talk loud and flirt overtly, often sharing their personal love and sex lives with all within hearing. I often see guys or girls “trolling for love” on planes. Worse is the typical divorced women travelers who wish to vent their personal lives and baggage of lost loves to each other for all within range to hear. Perhaps equally ugly are the old men who want to discuss their cancer operations or their last hospital proceedure, they can be tedious. The pampered women who talk about their nose jobs, breast jobs or tummy tucks and laugh about how much it has cost their husbands. The Red Neck man who wants to talk politics or religion can be most irritating. One really obnoxious man near me on a recent flight stood in the aisle wearing a shirt and hat saying “I am a member of the Purple Heart Club” and loudly told everyone that he got shot in a war. I wanted to tell him that I admired those more who didn’t need to brag about “getting shot” to strangers in a plane. I knew where he was shot because I was listening to a wounded ass. (Off the record, I much more admire the soldiers who get metals for doing some brave deed instead of getting shot by the other side, but we shouldn’t say that should we?)

10. The cell phone talker who speaks loudly but has nothing to say. Airports and airplanes are full of those. I listened as one man sitting beside me on the plane, spoke into his phone loudly for all of us to hear, “Sweetheart I can’t wait to be with you tonight! Get ready!” But then everyone within 3 rows around him quietly chuckled when he said “Why not tonight?” I say, let the telephone crowd text. Some talk loudly for attention and want to be heard by all, while others are just rude. Let them text or email. When I get a loud talker I pick up my phone and talk loud and sing , hum or say: “I am speaking loud because there is a loud guy beside me and I am trying to overcome his loudness so that I can concentrate”…sometimes they get the point.

11. The person sitting beside you who is chatty, too friendly and will not leave you alone. I often wonder what they are trying to sell, insurance, religion, politics, or themselves? Headphones and a book often provide escape.

12. The cougher and sneezers. Sometimes I offer them a Kleenex and say: “Perhaps this will help you cover your mouth.” Some have suggested putting sick flying passengers in a plastic bag. And speaking of plastic bags the next category of people would also be appropriate for that.

13. Those guys from France, Germany, or India who I have noticed, because of their cultural habit, have abnormal body odor. One man from India had such a smell of garlic, curry, turmeric, and other Indian spices I could smell him several feet away. And the scent lingered after he had gone. A German fellow in a suit walked into the plane and must not have used deodorant in days, tempting me to hand him a bottle of “Right Guard”. Almost as bad are the Frenchmen with a smell of stale wine, old cheese and wfeet

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